The Captain

This role is intended for those players who want to have a higher degree of responsibility in the flow of the battle and also for groups of players who play together and want to be able to organize and strategize with their friends.

The captain is the only class able to issue voice commands that the rest of the team can hear, these include both firing and movement orders. He can also place markers on the ground to point the team in the direction he wishes them to go or defend.

Another ability of the Captain is to place a formation marker on the ground which can be changed for different lengths and direction so that the team can form up in an orderly manner.

We want to give the tools for the players that play with their “clan” or friends to be able to play together and play smart, teamwork will definitely be the one of the keys to winning the day!

The Ensign

The ensign carries the flag into the midst of the battle, accompanying his team mates and encouraging them with the sights of their homeland, inspiring them to fight for glory!

The flag carrier in Field of arms serves an important purpose in the game, if an ensign from the attacking team reaches the capture point location; it will boost the capture speed of such area, greatly increasing the chances of succeeding and winning the battle. If an ensign of the defending team is in the capture point location it will count for two players making the time to decrease the capture go down faster.

By choosing the ensign you are getting yourself into a high risk but high reward position as you will surely be a primary target for the enemy team to take down, the sight of the enemy flag represents an imminent threat for the opposing team, as letting an ensign into the capture area will increase the difficulty of obtaining victory.

So if you are brave enough to be the ensign and carry your flag to victory, be welcomed to do so, just beware of the target on your back!

Assault on bocachica



During the battle of Cartagena which took place in the year 1741, the assault of Bocachica was the first stage of the conflict which makes it a clear choice as our flagship map for FoA.

The map features our main game mode called “Siege” which has a variety of objectives that need to be captured in sequence by the attacking team (the british) while the defending team (the spanish) tries their best to stop them.

The map features a beach as the starting point with the first capture area being the Spanish battery of San Felipe which is located atop a brief terrain elevation.Then the attackers will have to go through a path along the tropical jungle to reach the main staging area where they will find the British battery

The final stage of the assault and the most difficult is the siege of fort San Luis as the teams will have to use every tactic in their disposal to assault and capture this huge fortification.

Naval combat is also part of this map, with players being able to use ships to attack and defend their respective teams from the ocean, just be careful of hitting your own team mates.


Ship of the line

One of the most important features in FoA is that you can not only play with the soldiers on the ground but also control one of the available ships on the sea bombarding from afar and help your team win.

Be prepared for naval combat when you encounter an enemy ship, maneuvering and timing your cannon shots is crucial to sinking the enemy, there are three different sailing speeds and three different aiming settings for the ship’s cannons that you can switch by pressing W and S or Q and E respectively.

Later on in development we are planning on introducing naval combat only maps, in the meantime enjoy the breeze of the ocean and sail on.

The Musicians

In field of arms we have two musician classes available, the drummer and the fifer; they bring up joy and boost the morale of the players as they charge into battle to face the fear of death!

The musicians have a variety of songs they can choose to play, and they can do it in two different modes: main player or secondary player

The main player will start playing the song right away while the secondary player will stand by and only play the song after the main player starts playing first, that way all the musicians in the team can play the songs in sync, only after the main players triggers the song for the rest of them to start playing

We feature original songs created by the amazing talented Anthony Webb

For people who are into role playing or just want to have a fun time, the musicians are a light hearted way to cheerfully bring some joy into a brutal and violent environment, nevertheless they will also be able to defend themselves using their trusty swords in melee combat.

Now go on and play some music!

The Artillery man

The artillery men are another support class in Field of arms and the only mean the team has to destroy player built enemy fortifications, create holes in the enemy defense and also deal incredible damage to players.

They are able to deploy artillery pieces such as different cannons and mortars which require careful reloading, timing and aiming, these artillery pieces cannot be used constantly as it requires the player to perform a different set of actions in order to shoot each cannon ball or mortar barrage.

The artillery men follow a different resource mechanic to that of the sappers; they don’t have a shared resource pool but a shared limited quantity of artillery pieces they can put in the field, if all artillery pieces are deployed the players will have to work together in the handling of them, encouraging teamwork to reload aim and shoot, if they want to change the position of the artillery piece they will have to pack it up and deploy it in another location.

We hope that players will enjoy raining destruction into the other team’s structures and have fun doing it.


The sapper

One of the things we decided early on during the development of field of arms was to incorporate different gameplay styles so players can enjoy the game the way they want. If you are the kind of player who wants to be in the middle of the battle you can do it or if you prefer to stay back and help your team achieve victory by other means we have many different possibilities to do so.

At the moment there are 8 different classes you can choose from, let’s start talking about one of the most interesting roles in field of arms The sapper

The sapper is a support class who can build fortifications and emplacements to help his team; you have a limited resource pool shared by the team, so be creative, think strategically and build your structures.

You do this by pulling down the deployables menu with the “Q” key, a blueprint of the emplacement will appear highlighting where you can or can’t build. After placing it, you and other sappers can work together to build the fortification.

The sapper can also build a Tent which acts as a spawn point for your team, the maps in Field of arms tend to be very expansive and this can be very useful for building a forward post away from your team starting area.

So go ahead and build! Just be careful of the enemy artillery…

Weapon Upgrades

Bocachica island update

Character model Work in progress